"And more'n that," continued Shorty, "there's a full-grown cartridge below that might shoot a war widow's new dress and shoes for the children off into the moon.""Can't do it. Strictly agin orders to take any guns inside. But leave me alone. Go back and finish your gorge. I kin manage to hold out somehow," answered Shorty in a tone of deep resignation that made Si want to box his ears.LSBISCH-TV aus Berlin
Das Erste lesbische Fernsehmagazin auf diesem Planeten !
Trailer on Vimeo

Another noteworthy circumstance is that the last centuries of Paganism were on the whole marked by a steady literary decline. To a literary man, this meant that civilisation as a whole was retrograding, that it was an effete organism which could only be regenerated by the infusion of new life from without; while, conversely, the fresh literary productivity of mediaeval and modern Europe was credited to the complete renovation which Christianity and the Barbarians were supposed to have wrought. A closer study of Roman law has done much to correct this superficial impression. It has revealed the existence, in at least one most important domain, of a vast intellectual and moral advance continued down to the death of Marcus Aurelius. And the retrograde movement which set in with Commodus may be fairly attributed to the increased militarism necessitated by the encroachments of barbarism, and more directly to the infusion of barbarian elements into the territory of the empire, rather198 than to any spontaneous decay of Roman civilisation. The subsequent resuscitation of art and letters is another testimony to the permanent value and vitality of ancient culture. It was in those provinces which had remained least affected by the northern invasion, such as Venetia and Tuscany, that the free activity of the human intellect was first or most fruitfully resumed, and it was from the irradiation of still unconquered Byzantium that the light which re-awakened them was derived.Sei unser Fan bei Facebook

"Deer Si: I wanted so much to tel you, but the wordsAll drew a long breath of relief when, counting that in Shorty's gun, every dollar was found to be safe.Mehr als 100 lesbische Frauen beteiligten sich an der Herstellung des einstndigen monatlichen (im ersten Halbjahr 14tgigen) Sendung: LSBISCH-TV (LTV), das Erste Lesbische Fernsehmagazin auf diesem Planeten: vom 11. April 1991 bis 15. Mai 1993 mit 27 Sendungen und einer Einschaltquote bis zu 350.000 Zuschauer*innen auf Kabelsender: FAB (Fernsehn aus Berlin).

“No, Sandy. He thinks they were the real ones.”When the belief in a future life assumes the form last mentioned, it is, as we have said, simply a survival of the most primitive animism, not testifying to any religious reaction at the time when it can be proved to have flourished. It is introduced in the present connexion merely to show what ideas were current among those classes to whose opinions Roman civilisation was gradually giving irresistible weight. How the minds of the richer and more educated classes were affected by this underlying stratum, is shown by the nature of the figured representations with which their last abodes were ornamented. Everyone has been made tolerably familiar with these through the sculptured sarcophagi preserved in our museums; but, from their symbolical character, the significance of the reliefs with which they are decorated is not obvious at first sight; and some of the mythical adventures thus embodied may have been wrought without any reference to the destination of the dark and narrow chamber which they enclosed, or may even have been intended to divert the imagination from sad thoughts by the luxuriance of rushing life and joy and victory which they displayed; but after making every possible deduction on this score, there remain many others offering a deeper source of consolation to the bereaved survivor by the pictured promise of future reunion with those whom he had loved and lost. One favourite subject is the visit of Diana to the sleeping Endymion, by which is clearly foreshadowed an awakening to divine felicity from the sleep of death. The rape of Proserpine, followed by238 her restoration to the upper world, conveys a similar intention; as also does the fate of Adonis, since he too was believed to have risen from the dead. The marriage of Bacchus and Ariadne unquestionably symbolises the exchange of an earthly for a heavenly life; and the scenes of Bacchic revelry with which the interior of some tombs is decorated, were, to the imagination of those who designed them, no unbecoming image of the joys awaiting a blessed soul in its celestial abode. An inscription of which we have already quoted the opening words expresses in terms that hope of companionship with the joyous band of Dionysus at which the plastic representations can but mutely hint. ‘Now in a flowery meadow,’ says the mourning mother of Doxato to her child, ‘the priestess marked with a sacred seal is enrolling thee in the troop of Bacchus, where the Naiads that bear the sacred baskets claim thee as their fellow to lead the solemn procession by the light of torches.’ At the same time, a tenderer or graver note is often struck. The stories of Admêtus and Alcestis, of Protesilaus and Laodameia, point to a renewal of conjugal love beyond the grave. What were formerly supposed to be scenes representing the eternal farewell of husband and wife are, in the opinion of modern archaeologists, pictures of their restoration to each other’s arms. Rising higher still, Achilles among the daughters of Lycomêdes probably typifies the liberation of an immortal spirit from the seductions of sense. The labours of Heracles recall his apotheosis, and seem to show that a life of noble effort shall be rewarded hereafter. The battle of the Amazons is an allegory of strife with and triumph over the temptations of earthly delight. Another often-recurring theme, the hunting of the Calydonian boar, may mean the soul’s victory over death; but this explanation is offered only as a conjecture of the present writer’s.LSBISCH-TV wurde in Abwechslung mit der schwulen Sendung Andersrum gezeigt, das bereits 3 Monate zuvor beim Kabel-Sender FAB (Fernsehen aus Berlin) ausstrahlte und von Rosa von Praunheim gegrndet wurde.
LSBISCH-TV wiederholte in fnf Treffpunkten Berlins fr Kabellose Leute regelmig auf Video und wurde zu 25 Frauen-Zentren in Deutschland, Schweiz, sterreich und Niederlande auf VHS-Kopien versandt.
Jede 55-mintige Sendung bestand aus 3 bis 10-mintigen Beitrgen aus Kunst, Politik, Sport, Alltag, Film, Nachrichten aus aller Welt, Veranstaltungs-Tips, u.v.m.
Ein No-Budget-Projekt, leidenschaftlich idealisitisch inmitten des Irrsinns des kommerziellen Medienapparates.
Wir nutzten die Sendungen manchmal auch fr Allgemein Feministische & Politische Themen.
Schmeien wir den Fernseher aus dem Fenster?
LSBISCH-TV: zur Erhaltung der Lebensfreude!
Wir dokumentierten Events, Frauen- und Lesben-Kongresse, Filmfestivals u. v. m. und zeigten unsere Beitrge in der ganzen Welt (!), drehten dort wiederum und sendeten es in der nchsten Sendung.
Beitrge waren u. a. von Sharron Sawyer, Susu Grunenberg Was ich schon immer meiner Mutter sagen wollte, Heidi Kull mit dem Hit Ich & Frau Berger!, Krisi Barock Frauen-Fuball, Haben Sie schon mal ne Frau geksst?, Sie fr Berlin; den legendren Heldinnen: Nathalie Percillier & Kerstin Schleppegrill; Ira Kormannshaus,Barbara Klingner, Kirsten Lenk, Selma Schlichting, Svenja Hehner, Angelika Levi, Heike Bill, Eybe Ahlers, Die Praxis, Aras Vehlow, Mahide Lein, Annie Porcheron, Guy St. Louis, Vedant Anke-Rixa Hansen, Dr. Laura Mritt, Mizza Caric, Wiebke Hoogklimmer, Eldoradio, Christopher-Street-Days, Walpurgisnacht, Die 2, Berlinale und TEDDY-AWARD-Beitrgen u.v.a.

“Here comes the tug and floating crane, to salvage the seaplane,” said Jeff. “You’ll have to stay in the tug deckhouse, till we get the straight of this—and for holding a gun on us. You can explain to the police, maybe—as for us, we don’t need to explain!”LSBISCH-TV wurde untersttzt von Goldrausch, der Frauen-AG der Senatsverwaltung fr Kultur, Referat fr gleichgeschlechtliche Lebensweisen (Senat fr Jugend, Sport, Familie), vielen Stiftungen und den Astas der Universitten Berlins fr Reisekosten zu auslndischen Filmfestivals, wo wir BEST-OF zeigten und dort Material fr die nchste Sendungen mitbrachten. – Wir arbeiteten mit vielen internationalen lesbischwulen und feministischen Organisationen zusammen.
1993 schmten sich die heterosexuellen FAB-Macher der lesbischwulen Fernsehmagazine Andersrum & LSBISCH-TV und kndigte beiden kurzerhand, weil sie dachten ohne uns gelingt es ihnen leichter auf Antenne zu kommen… naja… es war sowieso ziemlich anstrengend ohne Honorar zu arbeiten und mit schwer erbettelten geringen Materialkosten, die Sendungen zu erstellen.
26 Jahre lang lagerten die Masterbnder bei der Grnderin und Kulturvermittlerin Mahide und wurden Dank der BundesStiftung Magnus Hirschfeld endlich katalogisiert & digitalisiert und wandern in LGBTQI- & Frauen-Archive als Fundament eines Nachschlagewerkes fr WissenschaftlerInnen und andere NutzerInnen.

“Who are you, please?” Sandy shot the question out suddenly.2018 montierten Mahide Lein & Doro Etzler die 27 einstndigen Sendungen auf 101min. , sie sind auf DVD erhltlich:
LSBISCH-TV Best-Of 1991-1993.
Mahide Lein zieht mit ihnen um die Welt zu Festivals & Projekten und erzhlt Geschichten aus dieser legendren Zeit

Finally, in man himself, thought is not distinguished from feeling; it is, in fact, the essence of mind, just as extension is the essence of body; and all spiritual phenomena are modes of thought in the same sense that all physical phenomena are modes of space. It was, then, rather a happy chance than genuine physiological insight which led Descartes to make brain the organ of feeling no less than of intellection; a view, as Prof. Huxley has observed, much in advance of that held by Bichat a hundred and fifty years later. For whoever deduced all the mental manifestations from a common essence was bound in consistency to locate them in the same bodily organ; what the metaphysician had joined the physiologist could not possibly put asunder.Alle Beitrge sind immer noch aktuell und knnen berall wieder gezeigt werden.

“Atley,” she said, excited and nervous. “Look here!” The man almost raced around the library table, bending close to where her finger touched the dark green showing through the adhesive gum."He's rather good looking, if he does act sheepish," returned Mandy.Die 27 Sendungen sind alle auch in einer Box erhltlich

“Oh—my shoulder!” the man cried out in sudden anguish.Das LTV Team bei der Matine im Schwulen Museum am 11.3.2018
vlnr: Ira Kormannshaus, Christine O., Susu Grunenberg, Eybe Ahlers, Heidi Kull, Mahide Lein, Sharron de Mol (Sawyer) Tina Krause, Selma Schlichting